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Saturday, November 15, 2008

Pine Creek and Equality

Well, I missed out on a lot of great photos at the No on 8 (NO H8!) rally and march today. The speakers really hit a chord. It’s like gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people have rushed out of the closet with their hair on fire! Their stories and passion are just riveting and I’m glad to be part of the movement for Equality with them. It really feels like we can get homophobia behind us in the near future by overturning or blocking this marriage amendment.

While others at Riparia walked city councilors around the land today and appealed to keep our land on the agricultural side of the Greenline, I went out to visit my old friend Howard W.
We met 31 years ago in Guatemala. He has a lot of land and allowed my ex-husband and I to build a cabin on his land as I was starting a nursing graduate program at Chico State. All these years later the cabin is settling into the earth and Howard and I have aged quite a bit too but the land is still strikingly beautiful along Pine Creek and Zimmershed and the “Serengeti” in between.
It helps me to recall that I loved the Pine Creek land as fiercely as I now love Riparia yet I was able to leave it and go on with my life.


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