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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

What will it be?

I was just recounting the wonderful contribution of the libraries here and in Canada to the populace. They and the wonderful resources they offer are the last indoor vestige of a commons we have. Our libraries are in trouble due to the county (and state) budget cuts. Look at the shining goodness in these faces before we have the next round of angry whipped up Republican anti-taxation tea parties. If we don’t have progressive fair taxes, without the excesses of war and corruption, we won’t retain or recreate what we value about the quality of life we refer to as American, much less achieve sustainability.
Comanche Creek is again under threat from the developers who want to put a road across it and run a road along it. We have to fight again to hold onto our hopes of a riparian corridor and neighborhood park and walk/bike loop. I caught this photo this morning on my way to work.

Susan Mason got one of the Mayor’s Volunteer awards tonight at the City Council meeting. She’s logged in thousands of hours, without financial support, in helping lower Bidwell Park and Big Chico Creek, which flows through it, to achieve some restoration of its health. Here she is with Michael, who is growing out his beard to protect his dear face from sun damage.

The fox tails are looking pretty in this photo with the light on them but they have a curse of productivity. Sending their seed into your socks or dog’s feet, springing up an inch high if they are mowed… ever so willing to adapt and survive.
Frontline about water pollution (“poisoned waters”) is just ending. I feel like my blood has drained away. My dear planet and the window of time.. everyone keeps warning and everything keeps getting worse.
Yesterday there were record high temperatures in the Sacramento Valley. I was glad I got out and rode my bike today to work though…got over a hump with the traffic… I can do it.


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