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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Bay to Valley

As I sit here with my forearms sticking to the wood of the kitchen table it's easy to reflect back on this hot day. We celebrated our friend Ann's birthday at her straw bale-solar home out on the Vina Plains this evening. It took me most of the afternoon to get back up the valley though.

Today, on this brilliant day, Orien and I walked against the current of the Bay to Breakers race. My illusions of a fun filled San Francisco happening were shattered by the trash the event generates... that and me not being able to keep up, not being equal to all the energy and stimulus of thousands of young bodies on the move. Still, now I've seen that... one less thing to see.

The best part of being in the city was being with Orien. She is camera shy but I got this fighting stance of her powerful Batwoman room-mate, Suman, another gorgeous human being.

The night before we ate outside as the sun was setting on downtown SF and the light and shapes were really striking. It was our Mothers Day dinner and movie and I was so happy to be with her, in her city world. As now I'm glad to be home with Michael in the quiet of our world, here closer to the pulse and warmth of the night lulling me to say good night.


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