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Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial to Home

It's Memorial Day and I already did my Memorial Day so I'm just gathering up some photos to back up my claim to being present and accounted for in this dizzying world. This year I was so busy I missed out on the cherries before the birds got them all... that's a big shift from last year when I grazed for days on them.
Beauty still reigns in the columbine world of our front yard where these butterfly like flowers dance above their delicate lattice of leaves.

There's a lot of new life... the tiny buds of grapes and below, our dear friend Ema is six months pregnant. She and Orien were best friends since they were wee girls and now Ema stands on the threshold of being a mom. It's amazing and humbling.

The poppies on the side yard mean May to me. This California Native has extended it's roots and now is a grand, glorious and gay sight as it has spread and grown larger each year. I think it's ok to remember what we want on this day of Memory and Memorial. Blessings to the Peace Makers, Peace to all those who struggle and fight.


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