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Sunday, May 3, 2009

Faire, friends and creeks

Today Michael and I did an outlaw ride along Comanche Creek. We found that in one long section it had been spayed with herbicide right up to top of bank, that elsewhere preliminary flagging for the bridge we are determined to stop was in place. Once upon a time there was a a house along the area of the creek we are trying to preserve and the guy who lived there let loose yellow irises that now almost choke the creek in places. Sure pretty though.
On an earlier walk along Big Chico Creek today with Laurie, we stopped at One Mile Dam, by what is called Sycamore Pool and that's what this picture demonstrates.

Last night there was a Celebration for Laurel, who is peeking between her verbally engaged friends, peeking out like an Elf Queen. May she be happy. May she be healthy. May she stay strong.

It rained like crazy all day of the Endangered Species Faire. It was too bad but also too good. We so desperately need the rain. The kids in the covered display above were very serious about saving orangutans so I respect that commitment enough to repeat, if you can't see their sign, "NO Biofuels from Palm Oil!)

The One Heart Celebration went on but onstage where it was covered. This is a representative of fire. My heart is a bit burned tonight so I am going to go make like a cinder in order to blaze again soon.


At May 4, 2009 at 3:00 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

i love you my tender hearted warrior....xx wz


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