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Sunday, August 9, 2009

Second set of pictures from "Kids" Reunion

There were five grandkids at the gathering. Here are Erin's children, Guthrie's grandchildren, Hayley and Kirsten who are two years apart in age.
We also had partners. Ashley came from Vermont with Tiffany and watched the grandkids all weekend. Friends joined us out by the creek today for an "All Riparia" gathering and celebration of the life of Ron Alder, so I add Kathy Faith and Richard Roth in our muscle shot here with Guthrie.

There was a pretty good balance of meetings with feasting and playing, I thought. As well as time to read a good book, as Zachary is doing here. (I don't have pictures of Matthew, Ruth and Nina here but that doesn't mean they are any less photogenic.)

Our kids are adults now. Erin is a hard working mother of three. When most folks moved onto the land, some 22 years ago Erin was a teenager and the oldest resident child. Now she has her own beautiful kids like the two girls above as well as Liona.
I've left out my own dear Orien and Michael from these photos but they were here too and I think the time and activities brought us all much closer. Thanks to everyone for the sense of family and community we share.


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