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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Complete Self Attunement Facilitator Retreat

 We had a wonderful retreat. The weather started off quite cool and then warmed up to predictable broiling June temperatures by the end of our five days together. Rhonda, from Hawaii, is walking along the flume in this first shot.
Below is our teacher Don Kollmar. He's been evolving the CSA process ( over many years and it is always enriching, life changing and expands my awareness at each winter and summer retreat, this one was the same--- amazing.
 We spend long hours meditating in chairs so this was just a luxurious shot of Vita and Donna stretching out on the floor.
 This was a morning shot of a few of us. We were singing, actually sounding.
 And this is most of us on the last day, some had to leave early, but this is a lovely shot of the facilitators. You can find out more about CSA on the website and line up an attunement with our teacher Don or with any of these folks.
 And I just want to acknowledge what a wonderful space we had, how great our meals were (we self organize into teams for a dinner and lunch each,) and how much of a relaxing and likewise energizing and beautiful time it was.


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