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Sunday, December 7, 2008

1000 Miracles

It’s quiet. M is watching TV with a head set so it’s just the crackle of the woodstove I’m hearing. Just got word a friend is very ill. It’s just a long moment to be with her and the miracle she seeks, that Healing into Wholeness we all seek. My mind cruises back over the conversations I’ve heard on the phone and on line since we got home… how we all try so hard to find equilibrium and to have others like us.
Michael and I drove a long way this weekend and only partially on veggie oil and biodiesel. That’s the big confession.
We hiked in the 1000 Lakes Wilderness area where winter, sans snow, holds the land, surrounded by lava fields, in a frozen, shiny stillness. We did a fairly mellow seven mile loop and I was happy that there was plenty of time and no rush to get back before dark. We stayed at the trailhead the first night and then on the second night we explored down Hat Creek and ended up outside of Burney at a back country scenic vista garbage dump.
On the way home we came through Lassen Park, where I got some better pictures, and then drifted down to drop below fog line to our valley and to finish the 1000 chores before my first day of new work tomorrow.

It was so pleasing to be back in the voyager, even if it did mean getting beat three times at Scrabble! I’m glad for every bit of life that is worth the living and reach out to the warmth of Goodness I recall in each of my friends, tonight especially to the sweet wonderful Theresa sending her the awareness of the Healing energy of Wholeness.


At December 8, 2008 at 11:13 AM , Blogger Being at home said...

We've found our way to "Has Beans" and internet conenction and, alas, to your blog. The glimpse of life in Chico (a good mayor- maybe she'll reign in the seemingly overeager cops?) and surrounds is whetting our appetite! Magnolia is encamped and receiving visitors out there beyond the great walnuts of Riparia.


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