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Sunday, November 23, 2008

People and Bees

So, I got my black walnuts up off the ground and turned in to folks who make candy with the nut meat. The price I got wasn't worth doing it but I'm glad they will go to some use.
The man who has kept his bees on our land for a number of years says his hives have "tanked" here. He doesn't know why but this year is worse than last. This is sad and alarming. I hope he will try to find out what is killing the bees.

The GRUB folks continue to do their earth magic. This guy was at the Frisbee Golf (contentious) hearing and was a person who spoke for reconciling the needs of the earth to heal from all the foot wear and the needs of the enthusiasts to have a way/place to play their sport.

Ah, I come back to the story of losing the bees. My friends keep getting cancer and other environmental illnesses despite living well. My friend Spring is going through it now and my friend Sheryl is a survivor. This morning I had a flash of those of us who live now just in some invisible cue waiting for our time and our disease to ride out on. It's always been that way and the diseases have just shifted around but still, these are dangerous times with complex treatments that are also themselves illnesses with no guarantees. I just want my friends (and all of us) to have our natural life span, like the bees.


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