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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Winter closing in

We’ve been having cold weather. The lemon tree is tarped with votive candles going under it. (It’s a drag to lose all the lemons in one cold snap which means harvesting the whole tree and using the lemons before they rot and not having fresh lemons for the winter tea.)
Michael skied today up Colby Mt. I’m still orienting at my new job… obviously less time and inclination for blogging…

The drip tubing is hung up so little rodent creatures won’t chew holes in it… it looks like ugly snarls but it would be far worse if left to its own devices in the fields. The GRUBsters are going to put in a bunch of asparagus … this requires a positive, long term plan and I’m glad they have one.

By now this sunny sunflower cluster will be kaput. About 90% of the leaves are down.
Solstice is coming. Hail to the storms of winter and the water they bring to our thirsty state.


At December 19, 2008 at 3:56 PM , Blogger Bob Campbell said...

Your photos are great! I'd like you to know that even though you may think your words are falling on deaf ears, I have been reading your many posts and enjoying your photos.

My Hydroxy experiments have come to a point that I have to invest some serious cash and so I'm just waiting till I have the money to take the next step.

I'm betting on ceramic thin film coatings to be the answer I've been looking for. But like I've said it's an expensive process for a prototype.

Bob Campbell


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