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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Good Week Loop

My job takes me to the beautiful rural areas of Northern California. Last week's loop took me from Weed, to McCloud then to Fall River Mills. During the night it snowed and this is sunrise across from the hotel, looking out onto the Pit River. We also visited Bieber, Canby, Tulelake and Dorris and tomorrow, Yreka. In the middle there were three days off.
Today is Easter Sunday and I took this photo of Sasha puzzling over which way to go up on the Pacific Crest Trail in the Rogue River National Forest.
Yesterday we skiied into a trail shelter below Mt. McLoughlin. We met some really great folks from Klamath Falls who shared the warm fire with us.

All three days were snowy but the first day, by Fish Lake was the longest ski and blowiest conditions.
In Tulelake we went out to Petroglyph Point where there are over 5000 images in the largest "collection" in North America. Once upon a time lake waves eroded the cliff so the people could draw into it in a long band around the base. Now, with drought and intensive agriculture the lake has shrunk to a fraction of what it once was.
It was cold and snowing that night too. I sure didn't mind postponing spring awhile for the clouds and wildness of the weather over these last days of voyaging. Michael picked up 95 gallons of veggie oil by labor intensive scooping at a restaurant in Tulelake while I was visiting the clinic.


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