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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Amelia's Corvallis

 This is beautiful Amelia, the lovely newborn of Maya and grand-daughter of Valori, my old friend.
 We've been at the home of Valori and Courtney for three days now as Michael puts the solar panels on the roof of the new V.V. He's got the batteries in and will finish hooking up the system tomorrow so we will have enough juice, with three panels, to process the veggie oil we hope to run the truck on.
 Val is a wonderful human and activist and right now she is up to her eyeballs in trying to help her god-daughter win against a very unjust situation... See for the explanation.
 Valori works at the Coop Natural Food Store and to get there I followed the Willamette on my bike... all the way into Corvallis is along the river.. it's really a wonderful environment-- lush, loved, and very bicycle friendly.
I threw this in for Chico where a plastic bag ordinance is being framed as some sort of communist plot against the freedom-loving... At the Cooperative Natural Food Store where Val works there are so many improvements-- from water conservation, rain water collection, a recycling yard that takes STYROFOAM, toilet paper rolls that don't have the cardboard inner ring, no junky stuff at the check-out stand... que mas? A wonderful deli and a solar paneled awning for the bikes... More but I can't think of it all. It's called First Alternative--


At July 19, 2012 at 3:24 PM , Blogger Doojies said...

As Valori's sister, and Kissy to Maya, Aaron, and all, I approve this blog post whole heartedly!!!! I'm so glad Valori showed me your blog; what y'all are doing is fabulous. I love the part about the conspiracy theory-ha!-even counties here in Merry-land add tax for using plastic bags; it's hard to believe there's a place in Cali where it's considered controversial!


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