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Saturday, July 7, 2012

Almost Leaving

 Well it's full-on summer and we haven't left. The garden is pressing out Zucks and Cukes and the trees are heavy with plums, apricots and even peaches. This morning we had a community gathering for Sheldon's 70th Bday and had waffles with fresh fruit. Delicious time of year!

For the Fourth of July Kim Weir and I went out to Pine Creek and brought dinner to my old friend Howard Wurlitzer and walked around a little on his land up to the swimming hole and out to my old cabin then stopped out on the road to watch fireworks in the far distance. What was remarkable was when that huge orange moon came over the foothills it was much more interesting.
 Also on the 4th I rode the electric bike out to the north end of town and "walked' in with West Coast Walkupy walker Art Brown who has walked here from Olympia, Washington! He only has to make it to Sacramento now but that will be in really hot weather with little shelter or access to water.
 We had a potluck for Art on Thursday then a potluck for Pastors for Peace on Friday. This is their 20th year of Friendshipments to Cuba with the goal of flaunting the Embargo against Cuba. They parked out at Riparia and sheltered here for the night before leaving early in the morning for Oakland, just one route of 10 converging on the Mexican border with these kinds of dangerous supplies.
 Meanwhile Michael works and works and works. Sunrise to after dark every day. He took the back of the truck off and put on this flatbed but first he is amending it to be lower. We have postponed leaving a number or times now but really have to be out Monday. Our friend Karisha of MaMuse is needing to make her move then
 And I do my "thing." 'Made a dish for Food Not Bombs and got in a shot with these great Food Not Bombs folks and Art today. I'll miss Chico people, the cornucopia, the warmth on my skin (in those frequent times its not oppressive but really comfortable,) the creeks, yoga, our community...


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