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Friday, April 30, 2010

Michael leaves

Michael has left to ski this Eastern Sierra route. It's about 35 miles over a number of passes. Of course I'll worry but I'm glad he is connecting to the wild.
Jim Stoltz, Walking Jim Stoltz of over 28,000 miles of wilderness walking came to town to play music and show his gorgeous slides. He is a pure being drenched in appreciation. Where I think of all the rolly rocks, downed trees, ice cold water crossings he sings about the essence of the beauty I'm always on the edge of relationship with. He said in his book, Walking in the Wild Land, when someone asks him "why do you walk?" he wished he could tap himself and pull out the brew and say, "drink this." That is the loveliest and that's what I wish for Michael now.
It's a very rough and helpless time hearing about this oil spill despoiling the habitat of perhaps thousands of miles of the Gulf Coast, thinking of the environmental calamity... better to be gone.
Meanwhile there has been good set on some trees (pictured here is a young plum that had leaf curl and my faithful lemon, totally recovered from the frost zapping it got.) The apricots had rain while they were blooming so they really had poor pollination. All in the cycle of seasons.

The people who went before lived on this land until we exterminated them and most of their cultures. This bedrock mortar, happened on in Paradise, was in an open field near a little creek. I always can see the women working and talking. There is never just one mortar in a rock.
It's all pretty obvious isn't it....

And lastly, remember I said we live on 12 acres of weeds? Well, here they are in the glory and profusion of the rainy April. If they can celebrate so should we, headed into Beltain.


At May 27, 2010 at 6:28 PM , Anonymous Kathy Page said...

Thank you thank you for the multiple-mortar reminder.


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