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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Michael's Birthday Week

You'd think for Michael's birthday I could get a picture of him that he might like, but no. Today we plant!
The columbines in the yard are reliable and you'd think I'd be less wowed by their delicate hummingbird beauty but every year I just have to stop and look at them a couple of times a day... such grace!

Now the mad hatters and others that attended the Tea Party event were slightly less attractive but I just see them as manipulated by cynical right wing forces. A few of us from the Chico Peace and Justice Center leafletted with the pie chart that the War Resister's League puts out every year that shows that at least half the tax pie goes to present and past military expenditures. Our country and our world could solve all it's problems if this money was being appropriated for the good of the land and the people.

Our house is looking so beautiful with its cheerful paint and flowers. Michael's kitchen remodel project is unfinished but very comfortable.
We've had rain, enough to keep all the plants very happy and enough to carry nasty things large and small from urban areas into Comanche Creek. Still this has been a wonderful spring and I am very grateful for the balance of rain and mild weather for Michael's birthday week.


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