Veggie Voyagers

Couple travelled 30 states and 3 Canadian provinces between 7/07 and 5/08 running their 1987 Ford truck on straight veggie oil. The blog continues with a focus on the natural world and energy politics from a personal perspective

Sunday, February 27, 2011

A week of Life

From snow to snow the week has passed with an important rally in support of organized labor yesterday in Sacramento. It's really confusing to me how so many people can be so misinformed and negative about collective bargaining but I guess it is based on our failure to communicate and then the endless right wing radio propaganda that has people thinking our small pensions are "lavish" and we are on some "gravy train." What about the rich I want to ask?

At any rate. I believe strongly in what we and are foreparents did here in America and will join with my brothers and sisters to fight for our rights. Even though I'm retired from my public health nursing job I still feel part of the union struggle and won't relent on speaking out for our rights to a decent life as working people.

We've had rain in the valley and this little ephemeral waterfall greeted me the day I went up Humbug Rd. to meditate with my friend Kathy.

And today we skied past Jonesville, which is this old house and barn, up another section of Humbug Rd.
Lovely week. Lots of good snowpack.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Voyaging to Mts.

Michael had to process the veggie oil in the rain under a tarp but we were able to get away for four days. Up at Bunny Flat on Mt. Shasta it was snowing hard and I had a scary experience with not being able to warm my hands and then getting short of breath almost like a panic attack--even after I turned back after about a quarter mile past this sign. It was one of those facing mortality experiences and very unpleasant as I always think death is still quite aways away but maybe it isn't.
The next day we went up to Mt. Ashland and skied and even though where we were at Shasta was 7,000 ft. and this was about 6,600 ft. I was fine. We skied into the Grouse Hut (Sasha waiting for her share of my lunch here,) and the day was filled with gorgeous clouds and Michael got to try out new ski boots and it was almost as if the day at Shasta hadn't happened. It was a relief to be in harmony again with the grand display of beauty around me.

Camping in the cold in the V.V. was also good to remind me of the many things I liked about being snug and the things that are a tad difficult before we do a reading/slide show at Lyon Books Thursday night (7pm.) I don't want to make it sound just too blissful when there is always a balance to be in these amazing places.

The other thing to mention is that the book sales in Redding, Mt. Shasta and Ashland went horribly. I'm in love with book stores and being rejected by the book buyers is kind of like your mother telling you she doesn't like you... even though you get a thick skin on the outside it sort of hurts. You SHOULD LOVE me your baby brain wants to whine. Anyway... it's getting harder for me to put that foot forward so I hope it goes well at Lyon to boost that part of my brain that identifies too much with book sales. Loved the journey, loved the country, felt the need to write the book, appreciated Steve Tchudi for basically putting the writing and photos into physical form, paid the money, got the boxes and boxes of books. Then?
I look at this last photo and remember Kenneth Pachen's immortal words afresh-- "It's only the thinking of clouds that keeps the world on its untroubled course."

Sunday, February 13, 2011

pre Valentines

This last lovely week of La Nina has brought many blossoms to a bloomin and now the rain should return tomorrow which we are all grateful for.

Michael and I will be on KCHO tomorrow night, Valentine's Day (91.7 FM 8pm.) Our topic will be the love of the earth.
Since it will be based on our travel around the U.S.
I've been rereading parts of the Veggie Voyagers book,
thinking back on the concerns we encountered. I can't even believe
the frightening perspective that Contrails are really Chemtrails, that our skies are being consciously poisoned. as thefolks at Farmers Market are saying. 'Can hardly let that in.
Despite any fears the people of Egypt have triumphed and new life is coming. Our Riparian community is kindling love for one of our dear "kids" who will give birth soon. We had a wonderful Blessing Way for Kelsi but as usual my little camera wouldn't do well inside. I'm including a picture of "a land meeting." Such hard work to sit in this perfect spring sunshine together.
Fair Trade Chocolate or not I wish Love to visit your heart with the wide vista of compassion and enjoyment in a delightful lacey honeycomb, sweet and long lasting.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Complete Self

The winter deepening for the Complete Self Attunement meditation facilitators was very wonderful this year although the group was smaller. Last evening we went out to the pacific flyway for the sunset and from consciousness this gorgeous sunset and perfect conditions were an absolute treat. Our meditations were filled with the same kind of richness and depth and wove an organic direction for us to live our lives with simple expanded awareness. I'm very grateful for this practice. Check out the website if you get the space to be curious.