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Couple travelled 30 states and 3 Canadian provinces between 7/07 and 5/08 running their 1987 Ford truck on straight veggie oil. The blog continues with a focus on the natural world and energy politics from a personal perspective

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Occupy Beale AFB and Retired Col. Ann Wright

 Colonel Ann Wright was in the service for 29 years and resigned during the Iraq war due to U.S. misconduct. Since then she has been a tireless peace and justice activist. We last ran into her in Dec. 2007 when we were all working for public housing to be restored to the community of New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina. It was a delight to be with her and help "advertise" her speaking engagements today by our presence at all three gates of Beale Air Force Base yesterday and today. With Ann, who is on the right, are Cathy Webster of Grandmothers for Peace and Shirley Osgood of the Nevada Peace Center. All three women share the same strength and moral fortitude and I'm proud to know them.
 The syndicated radio and TV program Democracy Now just had their 18th Birthday so I was posting by a number of the over 30 people holding signs to send in the photos for their birthday celebration feed but this was the most interesting I thought. A young man in fatigues was filming us throughout yesterday afternoon and this morning for the air force. If only the regular media had had the interest to show up!
 It was a fine group of people. Many of these people of faith will return on March 5th, Ash Wednesday, a day of repentance and reflection. Each holds a cross with the likeness of a child killed by drone strike. They are singing here so I caught some odd looks but it is still a good photo. We sang throughout our time together.
 Last evening we had a fantastic potluck and teach-in near the Main Gate of the base. Col. Wright spoke about US military policy-- which is increasingly surreal and inviting a robotic arms race as the U.S. now is even pressuring and surrounding China and Russia with bases. There were two GI coffee house hosts traveling with Veterans for Peace and they also spoke about the GI coffee house movement which allows them to bridge the gap between military folks and civilians and offer help with the myriad issues enlisted people and veterans face due to a system that does not care about them.
This morning there was a rolling blockade at the Wheatland Gate. The road was blocked for over 15 minutes until the Highway Patrol came and threatened arrests. Because everyone was so spread out there is much you miss with my posting but our efforts are paying off as more and more people travel the distance to participate at Beale where Global Hawk drones are involved with the targeting of people who may or may not be a threat to the United States in an illegal and immoral quest for US military supremacy and the profits of arms merchants.

Saturday, February 22, 2014


 Our lives seem to cycle around the chemo every two weeks. We try to anticipate Michael's energy level by that but it's not that easy to do. He often over-does it especially since there are always things that need doing and the weather is so amenable.
 The farmers are on the grand cycle of the seasons and it is planting time.
 Despite the dry winter we had the one good rain and so everything is blossoming. My week cycles around my busy Saturdays. Today we did a Comanche Creek workday... focusing mostly on blackberry.
 Then there was making food for Food Not Bombs, going to Farmers' Market and finally participating in the Chico Peace Endeavor vigil.
The two week chemo loops though go on until June 2nd and require patience and a certain balance of mental stillness and the nurture of hope.

Friday, February 14, 2014


 Two things have helped us feel better this Valentines Day. One is the return of rain and clouds (even though it is said it will not make a dent in our over-all drought. The plants don't realize it and are springing out gang-busters.) The second is the adoption of Selkie.
 She's an affectionate seven year old labradoodle who is adjusting to mud and farm life (like staying out of the cultivated rows) really well.
 In most of the photos she's a busy blur. It makes us happy to have her with us and we've been more active around the land since the dog and the moisture entered our lives.
 I love Michael so much and am really glad we finally found a dog as we'd looked for quite awhile and it seemed impossible to find another Airedale. The shelters are sad places, even the no-kill shelters, as the dogs are just waiting and waiting and many will never find homes, especially the pits, which are the main breed filling the shelters. Selkie came from private adoption and we really appreciate how easy it turned out to be. We three are falling in love.

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Our loop brings rain and finds sorrow

 Our friend Jeanette Colbert of Global Community Rising gave us a guest pass for Wilbur Hot Springs which we gladly took advantage of on Monday. Wilbur sits in the hot loving folds of the eastern coastal range. Usually by February it is green and lush. Not this year.
One of the aspects of Wilbur, besides the luxurious old hotel and wonderful baths, is this wind chime memorial area and vast nature preserve.
It's been so good to get away even if we do have to be back Monday for Chemo #4.
We thought it would remain dry all week in this terrible drought year we have been having but it clouded up when we got to the coast and has been raining for the last few days for which we are very, very grateful.
The drought was becoming such a frightening conundrum. Even if there is a still a drought there has been this time at the beach and a respite from some of our worries.

Another friend has just died and I'm really sad tonight. I just found out on Facebook! I don't even know what happened. Her name is Harisa Dalipagich-Kapetanovik. Three other friends have died in the last month but none has hit me like Harisa's death. Her smile, eyes, voice --I will never part from the memory of her unique and wonderful being... I loved her so much! Rest in Peace my friend, shown here at Riparia with her son who is now a teenager.

...And I refer back to the great patient strength and beauty of the redwoods. We camped next to this cluster last night and woke to the patter of the rain and the huge reassurance of at least 500 years of life, precious life.

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Candlemas times

 During January I was able to fill in on three consecutive weeks on the Ecotopia radio program on KZFR community radio for Susan and Steve Tchudi. After they returned I missed Susan's birthday celebration but was able to participate in a small honoring for Steve... what wonderful people they are. I feel honored to be their friends.
 There's been a lot of profound loss in the last two months but there are little losses too. We've walked along this railroad spur for 30 years and suddenly it is posted...
 Our Complete Self Attunement winter deepening was a wonderful opportunity to sense into something far larger than my ordinary perceptions. I hope readers will check out free meditation opportunities at Winter Feast
The Hoo Hoos gathered last night to celebrate Candlemas and the ancient gift of sisterhood and lemons.
And today I went walking a PGE Timber Harvest Plan area with old friend Stephen Sayer who really understands trees and forests so it was a wonderful opportunity and a great time to be out in nature.