Veggie Voyagers

Couple travelled 30 states and 3 Canadian provinces between 7/07 and 5/08 running their 1987 Ford truck on straight veggie oil. The blog continues with a focus on the natural world and energy politics from a personal perspective

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Catching up

I guess they call it the hungry moon but here we want for nothing.
In Haiti, despite the intelligent and open faces of the children, so far immune from showing suffering in their faces, Guthrie and Mica made it to Leogane, which was 90% destroyed in the earthquake. The Neges Foundation (c/o 365 11th St. Brooklyn, NY 11215) now has 1500 people on their premises in makeshift tents. Guthrie wrote of starting a garden, composting, and pit toilets with the people at this place. A few friends making a big difference. Send $$ if you can.

Max has taken on the orchard in the back and we walked it with him yesterday figuring what was what. He wants to start a fruit and nut CSA and it is good to welcome him to his endeavors. Nothing about farming is easy but it is good when young people are drawn to its labors.

Yesterday was the Tour de Ed and Ed, naturally, showed up in a gorilla costume. His accident was at Christmas time two years ago while we were in the Texas gulf coast. Despite all that time that has passed I have not been over to his house and we talked about what that is about. When you love someone but don't see them after they become seriously ill or injured... I hold it out there for the light to shine on my guilt, confusion, excuses, and love.

So, Bob Trausch in a suit! What next? This was Peter Tyler's wedding this week to the beautiful Tina with his proud former foster parents flanking them. I hope they will be happy and good parents to the baby who will soon grace their lives. Yesterday we celebrated Leslie's Bday (International Women's Day, March 8) a bit early with a scrumptious marion berry pie. What a dear and hard working person Les is!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Spring musings

Enjoy these photos! As glorious as the blossoms are we wait to see what the weather will do. Last year we had almost no fruit set because of wet weather with poor pollination or damage to the flowers. I've seen a fair number of bees and the skies are gray, mostly, but so far not much rain or wind.
This morning I was noticing that the birds are in pairs-- thrush, red shouldered hawk, phoebes, flickers and little wren was tugging at tiny twigs for nest building. Out by the creek an empty but new nest had fallen to the ground... imagine building your home with your mouth and nose and having it be sturdy enough to raise your young 50 feet up in a old oak?

My young is pictured here in front of her school with her friend Lauren. I got to stay with Orien on Friday night as I wove my way between work related things. It was a really good chance to meet the people who are in her life and catch up with her and her room mates.
With meters costing 25 cents for four minutes of parking I don't think I'll be bopping in on her often.
Lastly, I wanted to include the photo of the wild cuke anchoring on the wild rose. It's not a great photo but the visual interest is in the tenacity of the strategy. We all have to be strong for the changes coming in this next period. My faith rests in those I love and the beauty and reliability of nature and the transformative openness provided by meditation... let's see how we do as the spring unsprings.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentines 2010

We agree we are happy to Love one another. We have a lot of differences but appreciate each other deeply. As we age new challenges and new richness emerge and I think we love each other more and more deeply.
This weekend we went up the Frazier Falls road up by the Gold Lakes Basin in Plumas/Sierra Counties and also up the Mohawk Champman Road which is lower, not far from the town of Graeagle. Both roads were icy and loud on the long hauls up and quite fun on the way down.
A woman traded me walnuts for dried persimmons this week so I had to show off their incredible golden internal flowers. Totally delicious besides.
When we got back to the valley it was gloomy and dark was gathering. I'll make a nice V dinner but the freshness and heightened glory of the high country is a gift to bring back.
One of the nice treats of this past week was hearing/seeing Cindy Kallet and Grey Larsen at Cafe Flo. Their Love for each other and impeccable complementary musical styling was really the first treat of the Valentine's weekend.
I hope you Know your Love.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Does Every Woman Count?

Breasts. Mammary glands. Our first and most perfect source of nutrition and bonding. Great source of sensory and sexual stimulation. Art. Perfection. Imperfection and impermanence.
I travelled to Sacramento on Monday to attend the budget hearings on the Every Woman Counts Program, which has curtailed all new breast services enrollments since January first, on my day off. It was an opportunity to have lunch with my dear activist friend Darien as well as to take part in the Press Conference put on by the Women's Legislative Caucus and help carry out goodies for the Komen bake sale.

At the podium is Pedro Nava who sponsored successful legislation to help hold down the cost of mammograms last year and this year has co-sponsored legislation with Noreen Evans to restore the funding for breast screening and diagnostic services to low income Californian women. One thing was clear is that breast cancer cuts a very broad swath through many people's lives. Another thing was clear and that was the funding to provide the needed services were swamped by the numbers of eligible women in this bad economy and the safety net is falling apart, one inadequately funded program at a time.
If women, men and children really counted the governator wouldn't veto the Single Payer bill that is heading to his desk.
Sacramento is a nice city in the winter and I didn't mind the visit although I did go into the domed church you see here to meditate when at a loss with what to do with my upset energy about what is happening to the safety net. Driving home through the valley, with it's huge flocks of wintering birds, still mostly unpruned fruit trees, and beautiful clouds, I was just glad to be away from the structures and identity of the city.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Super Sunday

Harry the brave three legged dog, devoted, water loving and sweet now has cancer in his lungs. Orien came home to be with him on the Super Bowl weekend so I actually ended up seeing half the game, a first Super Bowl for me.
It was so gorgeous out though I had to run around and take photos as well as plant out our Christmas tree, plant peas, fertilize asparagus before I could haul myself in at dusk...

We are delighted with the rain and delighted with the sun. Everything is either popping or in pre-pop mode.
And my lovely smelly narcissus bent by rain are glorious for the brief moment of early spring when they hold their spectacular show. This is the best time of the year in the valley for wonderful clouds and making us appreciate the sun. I'm just glad Orien got to be home for it even though there is the persistent sadness that Harry won't be with us much longer. Everything good seems so fleeting.